A small town story

Small Business Saturday was meant to be about commerce but was really about connection. Serendipitous meetings marked the day.

On this particular busy Saturday, I was giving and receiving a steady series of hugs while shopping for a special graduate.

People I see every day. 

Our students. 

Other mothers with empty nests.

And a few friends from prior seasons.

The collective conversation moved upstairs to Your Pie with everyone gathering at the same time. 

With tables jammed together and the passing of napkins and parmesan cheese, lunch chatter ignited and settled in between the sparks of rekindled relationships. 

A snippet of conversation about leftover Christmas trees piqued the interest of a friend. In an instant, we had a plan to pick up said trees. 

She had the truck. I had the *live* tree people on speed dial.

In our haste to mark the errand off the seasonal to-do list, we didn’t talk about the price tag. The amount in her wallet was shy of the amount due to benefit the dugout club. No matter, in the spirit of the day, I wrote a check to cover both trees. 

A few days later, a card containing the money and a note was left in the care of Doc who kept a corner for himself. 

I was reminded of the sweetness of the day and this special place. 

Where the years spin past us but sometimes a moment in time brings the good life into perfect focus. 

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